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Writer's Block: Open book test

Based on the books on your bookshelf, what conclusions would people draw about you?

I keep all the journals I write and draw in, but they're not on a shelf. If someone looked at them, I guess they'd assume I drew a lot of things, and liked fish, since I draw fish a lot. We don't have a lot of other books, just a couple I brought from home.

I used to have a copy of Peter Pan, but Ale got rid of it. I understand why, though.
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Writer's Block: She's a brainiac on the floor

Would you rather be super-rich or super-smart if you would only be average in the other category?

It'd be nice to be rich, but if I wasn't smart I wouldn't know what to do with it... Not that I'd really know what to do with it now. I'd make sure we had enough food and clothes when we needed it.

Maybe being rich wouldn't be so bad. We'd get a nicer place to live, too, and we wouldn't have to cut up fish inside a freezer. I'm sure I could be happy like that, too.
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Writer's Block: Teacher of the year

Have you ever had a teacher who made a profound difference in your life? How did they influence and/or inspire you?

Daniel taught me a lot. I liked his biology lessons. I got to dissect things, like frogs.

He told me how to treat people too, that if I get upset I should just not say anything or try to make the person stop, and tell someone about it later. I do that, but people don't listen, and he never told me what I should do if they don't listen. So I just don't say anything.

I miss him though. He would have liked it here.